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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  April 7, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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the cases and the location. this is something that the detectives are looking into diligently. we are continuing to investigate that case. any u.s. park police do tell us that violent crime very rare here in this area of mall. the fact that there were two essentially robbery, muggings in this very, very quiet garden here and certainly had them looking very closely at the suspect they apprehended this morning. back to you. >> jackie benson. noo. more breaking news in prince georges county where one person is dead after being shot by a police officer. it happened shortly before 3:00 this afternoon in the 11,000 block of glendale ridge road in glendale, maryland. chopper 4 is live over the scene bringing us these pictures. police tell us the move was armed and making a move toward the officer when the officer shot him. that officer was not hurt. the suspect's identity hasn't been released yet noop on
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capitol hill today the hours are slipping by and there is till no budget plan in place to avert a government shutdown. the deadline is tomorrow at midnight. that's just 31 hours away from now. thousands of federal and d.c. workers will be laid off. hundreds of federal services will be suspended. president obama held another round of talks with house speaker john boehner and senate leader harry reid at the white house this afternoon, but again, no deal. they'll meet again later tonight. >> there is no agreement on a number. there are no agreement on the policy issues that are contained with this. >> unless we work something out, the government will shut down. >> house republicans passed a budget extension plan this afternoon that would delay a government shutdown for more than one week. however, it still includes several program writers. president obama is threatening to veto such a bill. >> of course, talk of a shutdown has thousands of federal workers and contractors wondering about
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their immediate future. many of them live and work in northern virginia and derek ward headed over to crystal city where folks had strong reaction to this budget mess. derek? >> well, you know, again, we are indeed here in crystal city where there are a few government offices and government contract offices. a lot of them with military connotations to them. they've been expecting changes in the whole brac proceedings with base realignments and closure. with the impending government shutdown there are more changes that could be more acute in nature. here in chantilly, far from the seed of national government, corporations and company, big and small and their employees are nonetheless dependent on government contracts and here, too, there is worry. >> as it got closer, i'm, like, wow! this could become a reality and i would definitely get nervous and early moves in listening the impact of a prolonged shutdown. we had to submit invoices for the past month and almost immediately and just in case the
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government shuts down that wi will -- that we can get paid. another contractor farther away from the central government still feels the impending pinch. >> a lot of our clients are subcontracted by the federal government for various i.t. projects and as a company that supplies solutions for i.t., we're downstream from all of that happening. >> and on a more personal household level, a navy wife prepares amid the uncertainty ahead for her family. >> we are possibly going to be losing our income, our mainstay of income. i work part-time, and so he's our breadwinner. even the backup plan is -- >> we have a rental in gulfport, mississippi, that we've been trying to sell since october. have had no offers, but we have some renters in there and they're also military. so they would be losing their paycheck as well. >> for those who stand to lose,
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i hope. >> i may be a republican, but that doesn't matter because what matters is we've got this country and we have these people who are hurting and who are in need. come to a solution. >> reporter: now a lot, of course, depends on what goes on on capitol hill today in the next few hours especially. we talked to one lawmaker and talk to other residents about how they feel about all of this and more on that coming up on news 4 at 6:00. we're live in crystal city. now back to you. >> a shutdown could cost the district millions in revenue and could have an impact on city services. trash would not be collected and parking tickets would not be issued by parking enforcement and the police could do it. 14,000 city employees would be furloughed. motor vehicle offices shut down. permits would not be issued to home and business owners. however police any fire departments in the city schools would still be open. >> even if the shutdown happens
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arlington national cemetery will still have scheduled funeral services, but next week the store and the bus tour will be closed. that's because they are operated by the u.s. park service. >> stay with news 4 for continuing coverage of this potential shutdown. at 5:30, john schriffen will have the local impact on the cherry blossom festival parade. will the show go on? that is coming up in our next half hour. now to an update tonight on a news 4 exclusive. three athletes suffered severe head injuries attending a football camp over the weekend. tonight, a star player's coach is speaking out. news 4's pat collins is live in the newsroom with this firsthand account. pat? >> it's been five days now and la mobt baldwin is still in the hospital. he's had to relearn to talk any relearn to walk and tonight his coach is is talking about this tragedy and why he thinks it
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happened. >> when i saw he couldn't respond. i got past worried and i started getting scared. >> that's rick, the head football coach at john carroll high school. one of his star players, wide receiver lamont baldwin, suffered a fractured skull at a private football camp last weekend. it happened at the dulles sportsplex. lamont has been in the hospital since the incident. the coach says lamont has had to relearn walking, relearn talking, and that he has trouble hearing out of his left ear. >> concussions are no joke. i've never seen anything that severe. >> reporter: the coach was a spectator at the camp, and some of the things he saw there concerned him. the coach is concerned about how that camp ran the passing drills. he said on one side they had a
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quarterback throwing to receivers who went out that way, while at the same time on the other side another quarterback was throwing to a receiver going out in that direction. he said the receivers were running full tilt not knowing what was happening behind them and that, he said, that led to a violent collision in the middle of the field. >> it's a time bomb. >> it's a time bomb. if both of those things are happening at the same time those kids are running full speed and that's where you'll get a collision and that's exactly what happened and that's how four kids were injured at the same time. >> the event at the dulles sportsplex was sponsored by the all-american training camp. there were about 250 players there. the coach says he doesn't recall seeing any medical personnel standing by. >> i know one thing, i was the only one thing there along with a couple of my assistant coaches with lamont, and we were the only ones there that tended to
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him until the paramedics got there. >> how long did it take for the paramedics? >> it was close to 20 minutes. in the organizer of the camp, wayne arborough says he feels bad about what happened. he says the parents signed waivers. they knew what was going on. they knew the risk. lamont baldwin is getting better, but his coach says the timetable for his recovery, that's still uncertain. jim, back to you. >> so, pat, any idea why he didn't step in and say something before this all happened in. >> he was there watching, but there were a lot of people there and by the time he realized what was happening, i mean, his player was already on the ground. there were a lot of things going on and by the time he saw this thing it was too late. pat collins with the exclusive story. pat, thank you. our weather will change yet again and this time we'll have more showers. >> hold on, here we go.
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chief meteorologist doug kammerer will let us know when we'll need the umbrella again. >> can i say this and you won't be mad at me? enjoy the next six snuhours. >> that's all we get. >> that's all you get because by tomorrow it will be different. it's beautiful, 69 degrees and we're looking at clouds and sunshine. winds are calm and it is a beautiful thursday afternoon, but friday will not be so nice to us. manassas coming in at 70 degrees and 75 toward fredericksburg and 78. we were at 80 in charlottesville and notis in ocean city, maryland, coming in at 52 degrees. that's the easterly wind that will start to make its way in here over the next 12 hours or so and you can see the clouds out to the west. chose clouds mau s moving in an will mean for a cool, dreary and damp friday. your good night forecast at about 9:00 and waking up to temperatures in the middle 40s
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any you'll need the umbrella for the entire day tomorrow it. i'll let you know how things shape up for the weekend in my full forecast. >> thank you, doug. mother nature deals another blow to japan and so far no reports of serious damage or injuries after a very, very strong aftershock. a 7.1 magnitude tremor hit overnight off of the coast of northeast japan. last month's deadly quake was a 9.0. today's aftershock caused widespread power outables and prompted a tsunami warning which has now been called off. the shaking fell to the damaged nuclear power plant, but no new radiation problems have been detected. >> next any new at 5:00, allegation of nepotism and cronyism have rocked the administration and the d.c. council members want some answers and what happens when their key witness shows up late some is apple just too tempting? why the fbi is looking into a rash of robberies at the high tech stores.
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the numbers are in and retail sales for march were up. businesses expected to see declines because of rising gas prices and bad weather, too. also easter is three weeks later this year than it was last. still, retail sales figures increased one and .7% over the same period last year. >> researchers say there was a new way to stay fit. go shopping. erica -- not fast walking through the mall. erica edward it is says retail therapy can help you live a healthier life. gloo could di >> could diet and exercise be replaced by neiman marcus and tiffany's? that might be overselling the point a bit, but a new study suggests retail therapy can be good for you. >> this is a benefit to physically going out of one's home, walking around and doing some kind of mental activity. >> researchers in taiwan studied
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2,000 folks over age 65 and found those who shopped once a day lived longer than those who walked once a week. they were more likely to go out shopping with the mental and physical health. still, they saw a positive effect. >> getting out, seeing other people, having some time to, you know, look at something new. that's actually a great benefit to the elderly who may be a bit socially isolated. >> and contrary to the popular belief that shopping is an exercise for women only, the study found it was older men who reaped the biggest health benefits from a daily dose of shopping. erica edwards, nbc news. >> of course, the one thing that the researchers did not spend time on is looking at what impact this retail therapy would have on your wallet. >>. >> that would do that as well. it may not be healthy. it would get -- yes. the stress that was put on you after you lose the weight from retail. >> exactly? >> we have food courts in the
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mall. >> you look good in your clothes. in your new clothes. >> we have good shopping weather coming up tomorrow. >> tomorrow you want to be in one of the outdoor malls. you want to be in those places where you want to be outdoors and it could be good on the sunday. tomorrow it's montgomery mall. >> fair oaks and i see them calling your names. we're looking at mostly cloudy skies and 69 degrees is the current temperature so we are nice any mild across the area this afternoon and evening. just a great day on this thursday. temperatures around the rest of the region. 63 in hagerstown and 73 in culpeper and near 80 in charlottesville and once again, right along the coast. ocean city, 52. any that's the easterly wind that's starting to increase any we'll see more of that easterly wind during the day tomorrow any this is what we see for temperatures tomorrow. 52 degrees will be the high
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temperature here during the day. look at the highs to the north. 49 in chicago, 55 in philadelphia and 80 in richmond. the frontal boundary will be moving down to the south. so here's the cool air up to the north today and a warm front right now and more of a stationary front sitting right on top of us today and into the day tomorrow, but as high pressure slides on down we'll see the wind pick up into the east and the rain is here. friday will be a very damp, kind of a dreary and cool day and as this area of low pressure moves through tomorrow afternoon we could see enhanced rainfall. right now i'm thinking about half an inch of rain could fall any you are going to need the umbrella pretty much all day long. by saturday afternoon, we'll be on the cool side and maybe sunshine by late in the day on saturday before everything changes for the better during the day on sunday. this evening, partly cloudy and a great evening, 58 to 63 degrees, sunset now after 7:30.
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that's pretty nice as well. sunrise will be after the 6:00 hour and we're talking about a temperature between say, 43 and 46. sunrise 6:43, probably during the morning rush you'll see the windshield wipers going. >> cloudy and cool, rain. so make sure you bring that umbrella. high temperatures in the upper 40s to lower 50s. a much cooler day tomorrow. saturday, high of 58 and look at sunday. sunday we rebound nicely! 78 degrees for your sunday and i'm going 86. >> yikes! >> on monday. chance of a storm on monday will be late, late, late in the day, maybe even into the late evening. so most of monday will be nice as well. so how about that? >> we like it. thank you, doug. >> right after the break, a pint-sized pooch named dolce is killed at a local dog park. what the owner blames for the dog's death. >> from the classroom to the state capital, tonight the
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debate over whether illegal immigrants should qualify for in-state tuition in maryland. and adding insult to injury, what to -- a woman in rhode
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island had her credit card stolen and got a present from the thief. someone charged about $2400 of stuff and then dieded to buy $65 in flowers and send them to the victim. the note attached, thanks for your money. police think they can track the thief because all of the purchases were made online. >> a string of high-tech thefts has the fbi on alert. there have been a rash of robberies at apple stores across the country and the reason, technology consultants say apple moves more merchandise than any other business except tiffany's. on monday there was a deadly armed robbery at an apple store in california. in '09, an employee was shot during an attempted robbery at an apple store in clairendon, virginia and many of the crimes have gone unsolved. a local pet owner wants answers tonight after he claims his dog was trampled and killed by other dogs at a dog park. the owner says dolce, a
5:23 pm
chihuahua-pomeranian mix was killed at the park on dupont circle on 17th and s streets. he detailed the scene on the prince of pet worth website. the owner claims he and a friend -- dolce was trampled and never got up. the owner says he's written an e-mail to the district asking why there isn't a special section for the smaller dogs. they have not responded. the shutdown showdown. it continues tonight on news 4 at 5:00, but the show must go on so we're live to find out what the budget deadlock means for the future of the cherry blossom festival parade. >> extra protection or invasion of priefee? the big event that examines whether the random bag searches on metro were doing anything to make your commute safer. >> from their birth to the first words, you can
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>> a fast forward through the headlines now. police r arrested a man accused of robbing a woman at the hirschhorn museum. investigators tell us witnesses tackled the man until officers could arrive. this is the second mugging near the museum in less than two weeks. police are trying to figure out if the two crimes are connected. the football coach at archbishop carol high is speaking out about the football camp that seriously injured one of his players. the coach says he's really upset
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about the events that led to one of his star players getting a skull fracture. two other players received serious head injuries. >> no reports of serious damage or injuries after the 7.1 quake hit northeastern japan overnight. it was the strongest aftershock since last month's deadly quake and tsunami. officials say it hasn't trigger good new problems at the badly damaged nuclear power plant. now let's fast forward to the weather. >> our weather is beautiful outside and a really nice evening with temperatures near 70 degrees. look at new york, only 49, to the south and we are 80 in richmo richmond. unfortunately, our area will be coming from the northeast so much cooler temperatures coming in the next 12 hours or so tomorrow. it will be a much different day. coming up i will show you the next couple of day anies show you the extended outlook as well to let you know just how warm things are going get. the roller coaster ride definitely continues.
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guys in. >> thank you, doug. >> there's still no deal to keep the government running. >> with just one day left officials with the board of trade held a press conference today discussing what a shutdown means to district residents along with thousands of tourists heading to the cherry blossom festival. >> news 4's john schriffen is live with more on the potential impact. john? >> reporter: well, that's right. the last time the government shut down it happened during december. should it happen again this year the greater washington board of trade said they would have an even more devastating impact. that's where tourists flock to the region. there are plenty of people out right now enjoying the end here of the cherry blossom festival, but if there is a shutdown, thousands of people who have come into town, it might just ruin their weekend. >> oh, my gosh, this is the best experience of my life any never been out of sync very far.
5:29 pm
this high school marching band in the cherry blots om parade. the wild cats drove 14 hours and raised nearly $115,000 to pay for the trip. >> we usually do a couple of parades a year, but our local parades aren't televised. they're just for the local community and forming for an audience like we do here in d.c., it's something these kids will never get a chance to do again. >> with the looming federal government shutdown, saturday's parade might not happen because it it could fall through. >> we're saying be realistic. check our website, national cherry blossom to get updated information, but we are going to continue until we possibly -- someone tells us it's not going happen. in the greater washington board of trade says that's not the only effective shut down would have on our area. a press conference was held in front of what a federal office may look like. empty desks and phones off the hook. >> when you start to think about the federal worker who may not
5:30 pm
be paid for two weeks, well, then, maybe they're not going to buy that new couch. maybe they're not going to paint the house. maybe they're not going to take that vacation this summer to ocean city. >> elliott ferguson with destination d.c. wants to make sure tourists know, even in a shutdown there are plenty of things to do. >> although the smithsonian may be closed and the zoo may not be an oceaption, there are 12 plus museums for folks coming into washington and enjoy that experience. >> reporter: now regardless of a shutdown, access to the mall and access to these cherry blossom trees will remain open, but the national cherry blossom festival says the backup plan would be to enlist help from the d.c. police and maybe have a shorter parade route to try to get something in on saturday. we're live here at the title basin, john schriffen. back to you in the studio. >> a shutdown would also close the national zoo. "the washington post" estimates
5:31 pm
a half million people could be turned away. if the government shuts down, zoo keepers will still feed the animals and guards will still be on duty. we asked viewers on facebook to tell us who they thought was responsible for the potential shut down. >> jennifer diaz said plame should be shared on this one. not being able to make tough decisions for fear of public opinion polls and being voted out of office isn't accomplishing anything good for the american people. >> it boils down to adults who can't be adults. >> heidi blames congress. she says they till get paid and they obviously don't care about the rest of us. >> john petry writes we elected these fools and how can we blame anyone, but ourselves. >> we have breaking news this evening from montgomery county. police have made an arrest in a bombing outside a multimillion dollar potomac mansion. sources tellews 4 police executed a search warrant in virginia today and took a man in
5:32 pm
his 60s into custody. >> a pipe bomb that blew up outside a window was designed to do a lot of harm, but no one was hurt. a news conference is planned within the hour. d.c. mayor vincent gray's administration has gotten off to a shaky start any and so did a hearing looking into unethical practices. he showed up, but refused to testify. tom? >> reporter: it has been a chaotic day down here looking into the practices of the mayor and some campaign allegations, but most major witnesses did not testify today. late today suleman brown, a key witness showed up to denounce the hearings. he didn't testify, but he said the hearing is too soft on gray. you see suleman in this video. he set off the video claiming that he paid him cash any gave him a city job for his attacks
5:33 pm
on adrian fenty. suleman and brown scheduled to testify did not testify. here's a little of what he told reporters out in the hallway. i will not be part of that to -- check myself on records on this way before the hearing started and i had already spoke. she offered a friend of mine, and i can't give you that. >> i can give you the cell phone records, though. >> reporter: now again, suleman brown, a key person in this did not testify. he has set off a u.s. attorney investigation and other investigations into what happened during the campaign. most of the hearing today was focused on the children, the adult children of several mayor gray's aides who also got jobs at the start of this administration in january, about six of them and all, but one has resigned and there's some question about whether they were qualified and many people today said they are qualified and they seem to have gotten preferential
5:34 pm
treatment in getting their jobs. the committee chairman says she will subpoena all of the people who didn't come today including suleman brown and hold another hearing soon about who got jobs and why they got paid so much money. back to you in the studio. >> tom sherwood. thanks, tom. it was a violent night in the district, police say two men were shot at 9:15 in northeast. 30 minutes later also in northwest, 30 minutes later police were called to a shooting that left one man dead. around 9:54 police reponded to a double shooting in the 900 block of waller place southeast and two hours later police responded to a double shooting in southeast. two people dead there. three people were also stabbed last night. police say they have no motives or suspects in any of the these numerous cases. today the aclu and udc school of law met about metro's bag search policy. it happened at the udc campus in
5:35 pm
northwest washington. the aclu launched a campaign this week to end metro bag inspections. the group says the policy is unconstitutional and does very little to actually make metro safer. in demeanor demeanor, metro began random bag inspections for security reasons. >> coming up next, a showdown over in-state tuition in maryland and should illegal immigrants be given a price break? lawmakers are weighing in. and the proof is in the stroller. stroller. what couwhat do we have here?
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dmroo news for your health tonight, a renewed look at ancient practice for fertility. more women who were druggeling to get pregnant were turning to ak pufrpth. you are. the practice has been used in china for centuries for various medical ail ams. acupuncture helps by helping the blood flow. fertility expert approximates caution though that it's not right for everyone. pregnant women should also seek the advice of their doctor. from your child's first steps to its first words, one mom has created a unique and easy way to document those milestones. it's a new website called my own little story. stephanie tanton tells us how how it's useful for busy parent noose as a busy mom of three young boys kristin coombs had little time or energy to create what she calls a proper baby book. so out of her own frustration an
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idea was born. a website called my own little story. >> my own little story is an online baby book that helps parents remember to record their child's milestones. >> from your little one's arrival to their first words this baby website is touted as the only online baby book with e-mail reminders. here's how it works. once you sign in you enter your child's birth date and your e-mail address and then. >> it will start sending you e-mail reminders every two weeks and each e-mail reminder will contain a little paragraph about where your baby is in their development and ideas and stories that you might want to record. >> reporter: as a busy working mother, the reminders were just what braden's mother needed. >> it was so easy to say thank you for reminding me and i haven't written anything down for a while and i can do it on my blackberry. >> reporter: another feature to the site is once you've inputted all of your child's milestones it allows you to printout a custom baby like this as a
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keepsake. >> she was able to create a baby book like these for her know is. >> the fact that i now have a six-month book for him with all of his milestones, his first teeth. yesterday he started crawling. >> the site has 28 pre-programmed milestones. there's also a feature that allows you to skip milestones. >> you get a milestone that your baby hasn't quite reached yet and you can click the snooze button and get another reminder in two weeks. >> unlike traditional baby books, where parents leave pages blank, it can be custom so it can be left out when it's time to print the baby book. since a launch, this free site has 1200 users. coombs hopes my own little story will continue to tell many more stories. >> i would like to see 5,000 users by two years so i guess i just have to keep dreaming. >> the website's founder kristin coombs started the site on mother's day in 2007.
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coming up on news 4 at 5:00, tonight in sports we'll introduce you to a football prospect using social
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let's take another fast forward through the headlines can till no deal to keep the government running after midnight tomorrow. top lawmakers will return from 7 to 9 with more negotiations. as some major witnesses refused to testify in a hearing concerning hiring practice excess mayor vincent gray's administration. staffers suleman brown showed up and refused to testify. council member mary chase said
5:44 pm
she will subpoena him any other witnesses to find out how certain people were hired. retail sales figures for march were better than expected. gas prices are going up. easter falls three weeks later this year than usual so many retailers were expecting to see declines. instead, they saw an increase of 1 1.7% over last year. in the battle over to allow undocumented immigrants pay in-tate tuition. >> the house of delegates is debating amendments to the bill any chris gordon joins us live from annapolis with details. >> it's maryland's dream act. the effort to deliver a tuition break to the children of immigrants has failed year after year since 2004, but this year it passed here in the maryland senate and today is being hotly debated in the house of deleg e delegates. the university of maryland at college park and the ten other institutions of higher education
5:45 pm
in the state system already reject american students even if they live in maryland buzz they don't have enough space for all applicants. in the heated debate in the house of delegates opponents of in-state tuition for undocumented immigrants argue that it is an unconstitutional reward for children of parents who came to the u.s. illegally. if i had family members in pennsylvania and they decided they wanted to come to live with me to get a better education in maryland, they would not be able to get this benefit like someone from another country who would come here. >> opponents are offering 20 amendments to the bill including requirements that the foreign students register with the selective service any apply for u.s. citizenship. >> i believe that the students that are getting this in-state tuition rate have green up in maryland and this is the only home they know. they wish to stay here and that the first chance they get to apply they will.
5:46 pm
>> this group of young, undocumented immigrants came to annapolis hoping to see their dream realized. eve guillaume sez a montgomery college student who hopes to go to the university of maryland and become a doctor. >> we weren't brought here making the decision that we want to come here illegally or as undocumented immigrants. those were the choices of our parent anies we, unfortunately face the repercussions of that. so, like, the fact that we would get an opportunity to become legal we would take that in an instant, i think. >> reporter: supporters of maryland's dream act are optimistic that this is the year it will become law, but time is running out. they only have until the end of this legislative session which is midnight this coming monday. that's the latest from annapolis. back to you in the studio. >> thank you, chris. >> let's check out the weather and let's head outside and doug is inside because the weather is great today, but not for long. >> were they supposed to be outside?
5:47 pm
>> no, honey, you can be wherever you want. >> i just wanted to make sure, wendy. i wasn't sure. >> we're talking temperatures of 69 degrees. i would love to be outside because that's how nice the weather is, you might as well do it this evening because tomorrow it may be inside most of the day. the winds right now, they are calm, but they're going to start picking up out of the east and that will allow temperatures to cool down. look at dover delaware off to the right side of the screen and maryland coming in at 52 degrees. that means cooler weather overnight tonight. quantico coming in at 68 degrees and culpeper at 73. clear skies earlier today any we'll continue to see those clouds on the increase throughout the evening. 46 in washington, and it will be dry tonight, but we will start to see the showers move on in here and not just showers. we'll start to see rain. i think tomorrow will be just a plain rain event and light rain
5:48 pm
to start the day and more moderate rain later on in the afternoon and maybe toward the afternoon rush. high temperature only 52 degrees in washington and 53 in warrenton and we're talking the temperature around 52 as well. some locations and maybe martinsburg and hagerstown, 49 degrees and a much cooler day tomorrow accident cool air does not last too long and then, i think, drying out later on and maybe peaks of sunshine and then on sunday, a high of 78 degrees and we rebound nicely on sunday. sunday is looking like a fantastic day before the day on monday and right now a high of 86 ahead of a frontal boundary and that front will not make its way through until late in the day. most of the day on monday should be a-okay as well. sunday any monday are looking very, very summerlike any that's a good point to use. >> we like the sound of it. thank you, doug. >> he's trying to break into professional football and he's using social media to market
5:49 pm
himself. >> lindsay is here to tell us how that's working out for them. >> this is a very interesting story. the nfl draft is weeks away and like many football players nick has dreamed of getting his name caught, but he's different because of a paintball accident that blinded him. in the northern virginia native had limited high school success and virtually no college experience and he's in his athletic prime. he's using social media to garner national attention. >> all right, sports nation. you thought you could do that? i don't think you can do this. >>
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you immerse yourself and that's what free flow bow allowed me to do. frank's college football experience con sistersisted of season of football at i don't remember mason before he blew
5:52 pm
out his knee and then there was a stint of semipro bowl any now after two years of training, multiple tryout camp anies no phone calls, it's all or nothing for shrank. >> now we're here in this moment, but with, you know, that same commitment level. i'm still pursuing and i'm setting that bar any whether i fail or i don't fail i can live with myself at the end of the day knowing that i went for it all out and at 110% and that's okay with me. >> nick shrank, trying anything and everything to make his professional football dream a reality. dan helly, news 4, sports. >> all right. so here's the deal. nick owns a t-shirt company and that's how he makes ends meet. he is married. he did say if he doesn't catch on somewhere soon that his wife wants him to start dedicating more time to the t-shirt company. his goal, to make the virginia destroyers of the ufl, the united football league their new head coach marty schottenheimer. >> he should do an exercise
5:53 pm
tape. he's really cool. >> he doesn't want to do that, wendy. he wants to play football. >> boy! >> i get it. >> but he is on the ball. >> so to speak. >> seriously, the amount of strength it takes. first of all, it's hard to stay on one treadmill. >> want it now as my screen saver now, i'm so impressed. >> we should put you through one of those workouts. >> it would be short. it would be short. >> fine. >> i like that idea. well, a superstar athlete's mother has a run-in with the law. lebron james' mom gloria was arrested overnight for allegedly assaulting a valet worker. witnesses say gloria james slapped a worker at a miami beach hotel. she reportedly complained that it took too long for her to get a car. police say she had a strong smell of alcohol on her breath when they got there. they charged james with battery and disorderly intoxication. this afternoon lebron told reporters he was not with his mother at the time and that it's a sensitive subject.
5:54 pm
in 2006 gloria james pleaded no contest to dui and other charges. coming up next, justice for j.c. delayed. the surprising twist in court from the man accused of kidnapping the young girl and holding her prisoner in his backyard for almost 20 years. for all your news follow news 4 online. search nbc washington on
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>> it was a horrific crime that shocked the country. a california couple that was accused of kidnapping a young girl and kidnapping her with torture and abuse. >> lawyers provided even more surprises in this case. jay gray has a closer look now. >> in the case centered on accusations of nearly two decades of captivity and abuse, the hearing took only minutes. rest garts say philip garrido and his wife nancy kidnapped jaysy lee dugard when she was just 11 years old and then kept her locked in a makeshift compound of tents and sheds in their backyard. philip, raping her and farthing two children with dugard when she was just a teen. >> my responsibility is to see that these two are held accountable for the enormity of their actions.
5:58 pm
>> but in a surprise move today attorneys entered not guilty pleas to 17 counts including kidnap, rape, false imprisonment, child pornography and committing lewd acts on the a child. >> it's my job to zealously advocate for my client and that's what i'm doing. >> there had been talk of a plea deal in the works for philip, but his legal team says that was any is not the case. >> there's been no offer of any kind. none. >> reporter: and apparently no offer for garrido's wife who expert approximates say could face a reduced sentence if her husband admits to the crimes. her defense attorney says new questions about procedures followed by the grand jury forced today's plea. >> this issue came up and he had no choice other than to plead not guilty. >> the grand jury challenge is legal more than a formality. >> the challenge says when the court selected the grand jurors that the process that they went about it is somehow unfair and it's a very routine motion to be filed and it's routinely denied.
5:59 pm
>> reporter: the judge in the case is expected to rule on the matter in the next couple of weeks. the next hearing is set for may 5th. jay gray, nbc news. that is it for news 4 at 5:00. >> news 4 at 6:00 starts right now. there was another big earthquake square for the people of japan today that led to a new tsunami watch. police have revealed who they think set off a pipe bomb outside a house in potomac. >> a key witness is coming forward after several young football players suffered a concussions at a football camp. >> tonight, there is till no budget deal and as a shutdown of the federal government appears more any more imminent. good evening progr. i'm jim vance. >> i'm doreen gentzler. federal agencies started to tell their employees about contingency plans if the government shuts down at midnight friday. lawmakers


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